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Who We Are?

Volcanic Glow is a proud distributor of Volcanic Earth Skin Care Products from Vanuatu. Volcanic Earth® is the #1 producer of Vanuatu Fair Trade skin care and anti-aging beauty products. The company offers you a unique range of natural skin care products from virgin coconut oil skin care to volcanic body scrubs, moisturizers, sensual Frangipani and Vanilla for women, silky coconut soaps to the ever-amazing Vanuatu Tamanu Oil™ range of products.


To present women around the world with nature's perfect skin-care solution, providing a youth-enhancing alternative to the toxic chemicals that surround us every day.


Volcanic Glow is committed to helping you discover the key to natural youth & beauty and the most powerful solution to chronic skin problems and slow aging.

Here at Volcanic Glow, we focus on one of the most extraordinary organs of the body. ”OUR SKIN”
Our skin not only protects us from harmful bacteria but also help eliminate toxins, waste, and sweat. At it is in continual contact with the external environment, the skin plays an essential role in forming the first line of defense against bacteria and viruses found in the air around us.


Our skin not only does it perform a wide variety of functions, but it is also a major indicator of general health and well-being and, perhaps because of this, is the organ most exposed to inspection.

The signs of aging are also most visible on our skin. We use it as an indicator of age, just as we judge a book by its cover.


From our 30s onwards, age starts to take its role on our skin. Colour and texture become less vibrant, wrinkles and sagging start to occur, pores enlarge, capillaries break around the cheek and nose and from our 40s age spots appear on hands and cheeks, forehead and upper lip, thanks to the sun exposure, pregnancy and the Pill.

However, there are solutions helping our skin maintain vibrancy and sparkle into our 40s, 50s and beyond.



100% Pure Tamanu Oil

100% Pure Coconut Oil

100% Volcanic Ash

100% Frangipani

Tamanu Oil:

A 100% pure sacred oil, undiluted and cold pressed, with proven effects on treating severe skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, scars, stretch marks, dermatitis, acne and much more.

Tamanu Oil also assist in the healing of cuts and wounds, reducing the possibilities of infection and also stimulate the regeneration of new skin cells – perfect for rejuvenation and keeping that youthful look!

We are very proud of the product lines we carry because we work directly with manufacturer Volcanic Earth who produces the best 100% natural pure, no chemicals and no artificial additives Tamanu Oil.

Warning: Only the original pure Tamanu Oil has been proven effective for skin and hair.

Many suppliers claim to own the original Tamanu Oil and they sell it at a relatively low price. If you are buying a mix with Tamanu Oil, you will experience none (or little) effect/results.

The process to produce this is oil is more than important. This is why we guarantee our products as they are 100% Organic Certify.

Our Tamanu super-oil possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-neuralgic, antibiotic and antioxidant properties and unique ability to promote the formation of new skin tissue.

Coconut Oil:

For a beautiful soft skin, rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers, non-hydrogenated, rich in antioxidants and free from any impurities, our premium grade Virgin Coconut Oil is an excellent skin moisturizer.

With his naturally antibacterial/antifungal activities, performs against acne prevents dryness and flaking of skin and also support delaying the appearance of wrinkles without having any adverse side effects on the skin. ( Suitable for all type of skin.)

Volcanic Ash:

Volcanic Ash is an amazing natural healer perfect for dry and damaged skin that comes from the most active volcano in the world.
Sulfur is the active ingredient in volcanic ash and is actively working on skin conditions like acne, dandruff, scaly skin and is also an anti-aging remedy as it restores skin radiance and elasticity.


Frangipani Essential Oil is an extraordinary exotic essential oil known as one of the best perfumes in the world.
Frangipani essential oil has a sedative effect, it is used in massage therapy to moisturize the skin, calm your mind and also relieves stress in the process.

In Feng Shui, Frangipani is associated with love and the flower is linked to the feminity.

Our 100% Organic Frangipani is a well-studied massage blend to treat hypersensitive skin, sense aphrodisiac regenerates peace and balance, help in soothing, astringent, inflammatory, renew skin cells, depression, fatigue, pains.

√ Deep cleanse, soften and moisturize your skin;
√ Promote healing and help restore your natural skin balance;
√ Stimulate your circulation;
√ Uplift your spirits, heighten your sensuality, confidence, and motivation;
√ Soothe emotional tension and enhance your inner strength;
√ Take the edge off PMT, menopause, muscle spasms and cramping;
√ Give your skin a healthier, more youthful, appearance;
√ Protect against damage from the elements;
√ AND all without any preservatives, chemicals or artificial coloring!

Each product ingredient we are offering to you has been individually tested to prevent hypersensitivity or any kind of irritation to the skin.

All products are free of Alcohol, Parabens, Perfume, artificial additives, silicones, CAPB (Cocamidopropyl betaine). Even the bottles are taken care of harmful ingredients and are suitable for all ages and for all skin types: normal skin, dry skin, oily skin or mixed skin.


Volcanic Glow promises to do everything possible to ensure a pleasant and hassle-free shopping experience.

We guarantee that our products offer the highest quality on the market, are 100% natural from Vanuatu and reflect the traditional skin care secrets of the Melanesian people.

You are a valued customer, and we strive hard to provide exceptional customer service and guarantee complete satisfaction. and hope to become your number one online source for all your skin care needs.


First: When you buy our Authentic Tamanu Oil, you can be sure that it is 100% pure Tamanu Oil.

Secondly: The production of Tamanu Oil helps improve the livelihoods and standard of living in poor villages in the outer island in Oceania. The harvesting and collection of Tamanu Nuts involve thousands of indigenous from many different villages.

Did you know that a large number of all chemicals used in cosmetics and skin care products have never been tested for safety? That’s scary.

All natural ingredients are analyzed in-house together with scientists.

► When you buy our personal care products, you are assured of fair trade products.

► There is a very small stock Tamanu Oil in the world because it can only be obtained in such a small area,
that is why Tamanu Oil is so unique, together with the high quality explains the high price of these authentic ingredients, which are highly regarded in the market.

► The Tamanu Tree is indigenous to the tropical islands of the Pacific. It also grows in countries such as Guam, Hawaii, Thailand, Malaysia, and even Vietnam. However, care needs to be taken here as the quality of the oil can often leave much to be desired.

 – It is very much “you get what you pay for”. 

Tamanu Oil™ (scientific name is Calophyllum Inophyllum) is a multi-dimensional, traditional Melanesian skin care product used for centuries in the Pacific.
Tamanu Oil™ is possibly the best natural skin care product out there for maintaining healthy skin.

Due to the natural antiviral and antibacterial activities, our authentic Tamanu Oil™ is traditionally used for acne scarring, treatment of psoriasis, eczema, skin, hair, as an anti-aging product or as an ingredient in cosmetic products, the oil is also used for sunburns, wounds and more.

Our pure, undiluted Tamanu Oil is added among others as an ingredient in anti-aging cosmetics.

For daily care enough a few drops of pure Tamanu Oil.


Stay away from black colored, neon yellow Tamanu Oil.
None of these are the real deal and this is why they are so cheap. Unfortunately, there is a lot of rubbish oil coming out of several countries claiming the original Tamanu Oil.

Authenticity and purity are maintained during the entire process.
All ingredients are subjected to a strict quality control and assayed by GCMS and include a COA.

The original Tamanu Oil is no standard cosmetic product, it has a natural woody or nutty smelling, tinted “green/gold”, thick of consistency. A few drops easily absorbed into the skin and hair. The oil results in a softer appearance of the skin.
There are many types and undiluted Tamanu Oil in the world claiming to be the best, original and 100% pure. There are even many other species of Calophyllum in the Pacific and tropical Asia, but these tend to be the forest trees rather than coastal species. Studies have shown, that this Tamanu Oil™ produces the best strains of Tamanu Oil in the world with its healing properties being extremely powerful.
In our research laboratory, each batch is analyzed for purity.


Every purchase of Volcanic Glow product helps people on the islands in Oceania directly to alleviate poverty.
Thanks to your generosity with every purchase, a certain amount is donated to create livelihood opportunities for the poor communities in Vanuatu.
We only provide you with premium quality products for slow aging, looking good, feel great & stay well longer.

Thank you for your visit and hope you will enjoy the benefits of our products.




A Word From Julianne

~ not a movie star, not a doctor, just your standard ageing woman ~

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