Our Ingredients


• The original pure Tamanu Oil • DME processed Coconut Oil • Volcanic Ash from the most active volcano.
Our pure authentic ingredients are delivered to the cosmetics industry, aesthetic dermatology clinics, Wellness industry, and veterinary clinics.
In addition, we developed a complete body and facial skin care based on the mentioned basic ingredients.

Producers may easily claim the term 100% natural.
The rule is 95% natural ingredients, but not with our Volcanic Earth products.
Many people are just beginning to realize how "out of step" they are with the universe and why ethical

Bioproducts, in the form of natural organic skincare, are essential for healthy, glowing skin.

In one recent study, researchers found that the average woman, as part of her beauty routine, applies 176 different chemicals to her body every day, usually without realizing it!

Most conventional body care products are made with refined vegetable oils, which have all the antioxidants stripped from them (as a result of the refining process)and so are highly prone to free-radical generation, causing your skin to actually age faster!

Many of these chemicals are toxins which can actually cause various skin irritations.

Where modern, chemical-ridden products fail, traditional Melanesian skin care has much to offer.

You are about to learn the natural way to have healthy, beautiful skin.

Discover for yourself why our cosmetic, organic bath and body products, aromatherapy, and other organic body care products are sought after by people from around the globe!

100% Pure Tamanu Oil

If you suffer from a troublesome skin condition or know someone who does, then you have stumbled upon a unique product that just may be worth giving a try.

Let's say you're pregnant and you've got acne? Are the products you're using safely for you and the baby?
At Volcanic Glow, we offer the best skin care products for acne during pregnancy, best skin care products for acne during pregnancy.

What about skin rashes, blemishes, scarring (including acne scars), psoriasis, eczema, unwanted age spots, stretch marks or wrinkles?

Don't make your bad skin condition worse by aggravating it with chemical-ridden products that don't work and that can cause the problem to get worse!

Tamanu Oil is a natural acne treatment, psoriasis treatment, eczema treatment, the best anti-aging product and a unique skin healing agent that stimulates the formation of brand new skin cells, Fantastic for the growth of healthy, soft, glowing skin.

This magic oil is also effective for virtually any skin ailment (including stretch marks, age spots, as a natural dermatitis treatment, acne, acne scar removal and more!

100% Pure Coconut Oil

Rich in Vitamin, Mineral, Fibers:
Organic, non-hydrogenated, rich in antioxidants, free from impurities:
√  Beautiful skin
√  Soft skin
√  Protect against UV ray
√  Protect against skin infections
√  Effective against Acne
√  Effective for dry, flaky skin

Coconut Oil has naturally antibacterial/antifungal activities.

It is an excellent skin moisturizer, and it can penetrate perfectly into the hair. Volcanic Earth Coconut Oil smells delicious, after seconds the smell disappears.

Coconut oil has a melting point of about 24-26 degrees and is therefore mostly solidified in our climate. Once the coconut oil touches your skin it will melt beautifully.
You can use our oil as a massage oil and combine it with Tamanu Oil for common skin conditions. Coconut Oil acts as an effective skin moisturizer and benefits all skin types. Even dry skin. There is no chance of having any adverse side effects on the skin from using coconut oil.
Therefore, it is a natural way for preventing dryness and flaking of skin. It also supports delaying the appearance of wrinkles. 

For Spa and Wellness, we also offer Coconut Oil with the effective frangipani oil.        

Coconut Oil and organic skin care go hand-in-hand but we're not just talking about any old coconut oil.
You need coconut oils that are non-hydrogenated with no transfat. Coconut Oil that is hydrogenated or super-heated, alters the chemical structure of the fats. If you like the natural aroma of coconut then only use coconut oil that is "unrefined", "organic" and "virgin". an easy way to do this is to look for Volcanic Earth's Virgin Coconut Oil as it satisfies all three.

You are about to enjoy anti-aging coconut oil and organic skin care products made from pure, Virgin Coconut Oil that is rich in antioxidants ready to combat all those free radicals (that make usage by destroying the skin's underlying connective tissue).

At Volcanic Glow, you can expect only the highest quality Virgin Coconut Oil in the production of our CocoVan range of coconut oil and organic skin care products.

The Virgin Coconut Oil in our CocoVan products will also soften and moisturize your skin, as well as aid in removing the outer layer of dead skin cells making your skin smoother and more evenly textured with a healthy “shine”. Many conventional body care products made with refined vegetable oils have all the antioxidants stripped from them (as a result of the refining process) and so are highly prone to free-radical generation, causing your skin to actually age faster!

Virgin Coconut Oil has been found to:

Prevent premature aging of the skin.
Heal and repair damaged skin tissue.
Help bring back a youthful appearance
Assist in the prevention of liver spots and other blemishes caused by aging and overexposure to sunlight.
Strengthen the body's immune system.
Aid in digestion.
Help protect against degenerative disease, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.
Promote weight loss.

100% Volcanic Ash

Volcanic Ash comes from the most active volcano in the world.
A special team collects the ash in bulk.
Not everyone can / are allowed to collect this ash from this island, because of land rights.
Volcanic Earth volcanic Ash comes straight from the mouth of the Volcano.

Sulfur is the active ingredient in volcanic ash. Sulfur stimulates not only to resist bacteria, but it is also actively working to destroy it.
Sulfur against ► Skin conditions like acne, dandruff, scaly skin.

Volcanic Ash is nature's natural healer for a dry and damaged skin.
This very popular treatment celebrates the many benefits of the rich mineral content of natural volcanic ash and clays.
Because of these benefits, volcanic therapies have long been used to treat skin disorders such as acne and psoriasis whilst nourishing and healing the skin.

This treatment is an antioxidant infusion and the perfect preparation for special events when you want to achieve flawless, even skin.
It's also an anti-aging remedy as it restores skin radiance and elasticity.

Volcanic Ash provides you with a wide range of beauty and health benefits due to its antiviral, anti-bacterial, anti-yeast and general purification, cleansing, and exfoliating qualities.

Collagen is one of the main proteins you need for the structural integrity of your skin. Sulfur slows down the aging process because you need Sulphur for the synthesis of collagen and because of its ability to protect against the toxic effects of pollution and radiation. It is part of the chemical structure of the amino acids glutathione, taurine, cysteine, and methionine.

Known as “nature’s beauty mineral,” Sulfur fights skin disorders such as acne, dermatitis, dandruff, and flaky, reddish skin. It is needed to stabilize keratin protein in your nails and hair. It is a key ingredient in shampoos, cleansing bars, spot treatments, acne, and body scrubs. Volcanic Pumice makes for a milder, gentler exfoliant, especially for your face and neck areas.

Our volcanic products, in the form of body scrubs or exfoliants, work to cleanse and purify your skin by killing bacteria and removing dead skin cells. Plus they work to keep you looking as young as possible.

All ingredients are subjected to a strict quality control and assayed by GCMS and include a COA.

100% Frangipani 

What is Frangipani all about?
Frangipani Essential Oil is an exotic essential oil and most powerful flower.     

Frangipani essential oil is said to be one of the best perfumes in the world. Its fragrance has a provocative effect on those who inhale it, producing sensual feelings.

Frangipani essential oil is an astringent. It is used in massage therapy to moisturize the skin.
The oil will ensure the skin remains soft and works well with cracked and dry skin also.

Frangipani essential oil has a sedative effect, letting you sleep. The oil will calm your mind and also relieves stress in the process.

The flower is linked to the feminity, and in Feng Shui, Frangipani is associated with love.

Frangipani essential oil brings peace and harmony back into your life.

Now you can reconnect with yourself, nature, and the universe. Its calming qualities reduce the negative effects of everyday stresses, uplifting the inner spirit.
Nourish your soul and bring self-awareness with this magical oil.

It's also arguably the most popular flower in the world and is certainly a "jewel of the South Pacific". Plumeria is one of the most exotic of all fauna and flora with invigorating scents that are known to affect the way people feel. There is nothing quite like the sweet fragrance of Plumeria in flower to uplift your spirits ... It's no wonder more and more people (Melanesians) continue to use the Frangipani plant extensively for decorative, skin care and medicinal purposes to this day.

The Frangipani flower comes in a vast range of stunning colors with a wonderful, intoxicating fragrance. Colors range from white, pink, yellow, multiple pastels to deep red. Some variates produce smaller flowers than others. Flowering lasts up to three months at a time. Cut blooms last for several days in water. The Frangipani flower has a strong, delicious perfume which is even more prominent in the late afternoon, evenings and at night.

Frangipani trees prefer dry, sandy soil in full sun. They don't like the cold and are deciduous (although in tropical climates they may remain evergreen throughout). Plumeria is an extremely durable plant and only authentic plants give the power of this special flower. There are over 100 different varieties of Plumeria.

Frangipanis grow as high as 10 meters in tropical regions whereas, in milder climates, their growth is restricted to shrubs or small trees. These plants have thick succulent branches, spaced well apart with long leather, fleshy leaves in clusters near the branch tips.

Enjoy the fantastic feeling of our beautiful Volcanic Earth™ product range with pure Frangipani Oil.

√    Deep cleanse, soften and moisturize your skin
√    Promote healing and help restore your natural skin balance
√    Stimulate your circulation
√    Uplift your spirits, heighten your sensuality, confidence, and motivation
√    Soothe emotional tension and enhance your inner strength
√    Take the edge off PMT, menopause, muscle spasms and cramping
√    Give your skin a healthier, more youthful, appearance
√    Protect against damage from the elements
√    AND all without any preservatives, chemicals or artificial coloring!

Therapeutic Properties Described In The Aromatherapy Literature

Organic Frangipani in a well-studied massage blend to treat hypersensitive skin, sense aphrodisiac regenerates peace & balance, help in soothing, astringent, inflammatory, renew skin cells, depression, fatigue, pains.

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