100% Pure Wild Harvested Tamanu Oil Twin Pack

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Are You Tired Of A Problem Skin?

Stop Here for the #1 Natural Skin Solution!

$$$ Saving when you order Tamanu Oil twin pack.

Set includes:

15ml Tamanu Oil Roll
60ml Tamanu Oil Bottle

Perfect for all skin type Tamanu Oil has a strong rejuvenating effect on the epidermis cells.

100% Pure Wild Harvested Tamanu Oil & 100% Vegan with amazing results in chronic skin conditions treatment and age spots.

Highly recommended for sensitive skin and for elderly people, our Tamanu Oil is a unique natural antiseptic, antiviral, anti-fungal & antibacterial.

With his nourishing and anti-aging effect on the skin, no more worries for wrinkles, acne, crows feet, stretch marks, eczema & dermatitis.

Enjoy the amazing benefits from using our unique 100 % Natural Organic Tamanu Oil – NO diluted down versions which are less likely to produce results:

Slow aging

Eczema treatment

Get rid of acne faster 

Burns & blisters 


Diabetic sores


Dry, scaly and sensitive skin

Athletes foot

The relief of neuralgia

Sciatica & rheumatism

Foot odor and body odor

Unsightly age spots

Toenail fungus

Insect bites

Suitable for all skin types:

Normal skin Dry / Sensitive  skin Oily Skin Combination Skin

Special Note:

High-quality 100% pure tamanu oil can be tricky to find.  Because of the unique expensive process, you will find many suppliers out there with low-quality products at a cheaper price just for the sack of money.

Don’t waste your money on low – quality, none-reliable products. Enjoy the full benefits of this amazing source of Nature.



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