Anti-Aging Tamanu Facial Cleanser With Virgin Coconut Oil





 Anti-Aging Tamanu Facial Cleanser For The Skin You Love!

Formulated with   Lavender, Rose Geranium.  certified organic-rich Virgin Coconut & Tamanu Oils this is the best anti-aging facial cleanser you can get.


Helps clear acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea  & other skin conditions;

Immense antioxidant & moisturizing properties;

Anti-aging – targets:  wrinkles, uneven skin tone, puffiness, premature aging, sun damage;

Clear acne-prone skin, blackheads, redness, dullness, scarring, fine lines

It helps skin to repair, restructure and re-hydrate.

The fatty acids in Tamanu Oil nourish skin to keep it firm and supple.

Targets rosacea, roughness, flakiness, dehydration, irritation-prone skin,  and wound healing.

Spreads easily

Suitable for all skin types:

Normal skin Dry / Sensitive  skin Oily Skin Combination Skin


Pure Vanuatu water, Certified organic Tamanu Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, scented with Lavender and Rose Geranium. Emulsifying Wax, Grapefruit Seed Extract and White Volcanic Clay.

For incredible results follow with our Facial Toner and Facial  Moisturizer.


135ml Bottle

100% Pure & Natural Product of Vanuatu



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