Certified Organic Tamanu Oil Skin Treatment And Slow Aging


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Organic Tamanu Oil is an amazing South Pacific skin treatment for chronic skin conditions and slow aging process.

Tamanu oil is extracted from the nut of the sacred Tamanu tree and has been used by ancient cultures for its wonderful curative and regenerative properties of the skin.

Tamanu Oil is extracted through the cold pressing process and has the following benefits and applications:

Age spots, wrinkles, aging, diabetic sores, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis,  hot spots, skin irritations caused by allergies, acne, acne scars, cuts, herpes sores;


Burns of diverse origin, wounds, chemical burns,  razor or clipper burns, diabetic sores;


  • Can be used in areas of loss of hair, on your nails to grow and strengthen, ulcerated skin lesions, fissures, ulcers, preventing skin eruptions, blisters, radiodermatitis  (ulcerations due to X-rays), tissue and skin regeneration, calming the pain of wounds (although when used for this purpose it may cause a slight itch);

Tamanu Oil has been used as an amazing  natural antibiotic;


Known for his magnificent results in the healing process of post-surgical wounds. After surgeries such as a neuter, biopsy or any other instance where stitches are present. Its analgesic properties help to get rid of pain incredibly fast.

Suitable for all skin types protect against sunburn and premature skin aging.

Vanuatu  Organic Tamanu Oil is a unique antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal free of any chemical additives.

Generally apply directly on to the affected area 2-3 times a day for 4-5 days. Allow a couple of more days to see results and repeat the process if necessary.


In case you are allergic to nuts, would be a good idea to conduct a patch test first.

Sacred Organic Tamanu Oil – Product Of Vanuatu

Comes in 60ml and 140ml but we also offer a larger bottle of 1L  perfect if you suffer from a serious, skin problem such as large-scale Psoriasis.

This outstanding skin treatment oil delivers incredible skin cell hydration, offers total skin support and is the very best and purest Tamanu Oil brand you will ever buy.

If you suffer for a major skin problem and the price for the 1L bottle is over your budget, please e-mail us and we will arrange for a better price. – Because We  Care –

Special Note:

 High-quality 100% pure tamanu oil can be tricky to find.  Because of the unique expensive process, you will find many suppliers out there with low-quality products at a cheaper price just for the sack of money.

Don’t waste your money on low – quality, none-reliable products. Enjoy the full benefits of this amazing source of Nature.


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60ml, 140ml, 1L


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