Vanuatu Honey And Pumice Gentle Face Exfoliator





Vanuatu Honey And Pumice Gentle Face Exfoliator With Tamanu Oil

Freshly scented with lavender and geranium rose essential oils.

An amazing organic face scrub exfoliator for acne and blackheads, formulated with certified organic tamanu oil and virgin coconut oil, suitable for dry, oily and sensitive skin.

Due to the amazing characteristic of Tamanu oil of being able to penetrate all three layer of skin, this gentle face exfoliator has the capability to fight bacteria where it starts.

You will find this the best natural face scrub/exfoliator on the market 100% Guarantee.
The unique combination of micro-fine volcanic pumice powder and the curative properties of sulfur gently exfoliates, gets rid of Acne and delivers a blemish-free complexion while soothing antiseptic honey and moisturizing Kaolin clay absorb impurities and eliminate toxins and excess oils.


Apply a small amount of cleanser all over your face and neck
Gently massage for at least 30 seconds using circular movements.
Rinse your skin with lukewarm water
Follow up with our toner & moisturizer for best results where major skin problems
As this cleanser is so gentle to your skin it can be used every day

Because your skin is constantly excreting wastes and shedding dead skin (sounds awful, but it’s true), a daily cleansing is a beauty must.


Assists in the slow aging process;
Helps heal and prevent skin blemishes;
Gentle to your skin;
Removes toxins and impurities;
Assist in the relief of skin problems;
Will not strip skin of natural oils.

Natural Ingredients:

Pure Vanuatu water, Kaolin Clay, Fine Pumice, Honey, Virgin Coconut Oil, certified organic Tamanu Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Vitamin E, Lavender, and Rose Geranium Essential Oils.

Package: 60 ml

100% Natural Product Of Vanuatu



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